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How to maintain optimized load in Qlik Sense when concatenating tables.
25 January 2024

Qlik Optimized Load and Concatenation

Discover the art of maintaining optimized load in Qlik Sense during table concatenation. Master the nuances of loading tables in the perfect sequence and skillfully navigate through column mismatches using strategic dummy columns or a savvy universal null approach. Transform your data concatenation process into an efficient and streamlined operation with these expert insights.

Friday Qlik Test Prep Performance Script Solution
16 January 2024

Bitmetric Qlik Sense Coding Conventions

At Bitmetric, we do not believe in universal ‘best practices’. Which approach, standard, or method is most effective should always be evaluated in the context of the environment. That being said, there are certainly starting points that can be considered ‘good ideas’. For instance, our Qlik Sense Coding Conventions. Readable and consistent Qlik Sense script […]

Ebook Performance Qlik Script
Parsing JSON data in Qlik Sense
2 March 2023

Parsing JSON data in Qlik Sense

Did you know that Qlik Sense has built-in functions for parsing JSON data? In this post we’ll show you how they work based on an example.

API Friday Qlik Test Prep Qlik Script
Qlik variable scope in subroutines - Bitmetric Friday Qlik Test Prep question
13 October 2022

Qlik variable scope in subroutines

Learn more about Qlik variable scope in subroutines, and why it matters for returning values from your Qlik subroutines.

Friday Qlik Test Prep Script Solution

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