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Data & analytics have found its way into every modern workplace. At the same time there rarely is a one-size-fits-all solution. Each industry deals with its own unique set of challenges and objectives. Through our broad and extensive experience we can help you successfully implement data & analytics solutions, within the context of your industry.

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Banking is rapidly changing due to data and FinTech driven transformations. But also by increasing expectations from financially empowered consumers and regulators. Knowing your customer, re-imagining processes and managing new business opportunities, while balancing risk and reward, are crucial to success. We can help you accelerate your digital banking transformation.


Understanding and accurately responding to the demands of viewers, subscribers, and advertisers are vital to any media company. At the same time optimizing customer acquisition and retention programs, advertising are a driving force to building innovative data solutions while managing ever evolving privacy regulations. Let us show you how to uncover more insights and accelerate your initiatives.


While relying heavily on data the insurance industry has seen many benefits from connecting analytics with processes. Whether it is optimizing performance with predictive analytics, improving risk assessments or reducing the costs in a claims process. We can help you in optimizing data’s use cases and ensure sustainable business growth.


Data analysis is quickly becoming a staple within the fashion industry. Whether it is providing the merchandising department with realtime information, optimizing collection development or sales forecasting, Bitmetric is able to provide the optimal dashboarding and tools. We help you gain valuable insights in all aspects of your company. Optimize stock turn and sell through, limit overdevelopment, manage early buys or production limits. With our in-dept knowledge we help you cater to any department.


Business decisions backed up by data are far more likely to succeed. Your data can drive analytics to understand customer behavior, monitor market trends and forecast sales. Having a full picture of your customer journey is key. We can pull the data from wherever it lives, be it Amazon, Shopify, Google Analytics or various social media platforms. With our knowledge you will be able to identify your popular or profitable products, find your top clients and stay in control of your sales and margins.

Health care 

Aside from general insights into facility management, staffing or financial planning, many of the challenges that face healthcare come from stakeholder collaboration and interoperability. Increasing staff and patient confidence in the use of health care data while proactively protecting privacy and upholding the standards. Whichever aspects you need assistance with on your data journey, we’ve got the experience and professionals to match.


The role of the retail store is changing. While still the primary sales channel, stores are transforming into customer engagement centers and critical supply chain hubs. Whether you need insights directly on the retail floor, surface actionable metrics at scale, deliver omni-channel analytics or optimize inventory from supply chain to shelf, we help achieve the level that you require.


Empower decisions with real-time analytics on WMS, TMS and other systems, both internal and external. Improve operational efficiency by monitoring customer demand, the quality of operational processes and digitizing crucial operations. It’s a continuous learning process that we can help you facilitate.

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Barry has over 20 years experience as a Data & Analytics architect, developer, trainer and author. He will gladly help you with any questions you may have.