Qlik Data Integration

Solve the challenges of data integration

Build a trusted data foundation to power your AI, ML, and analytics solutions with Qlik Data Integration

Bring together high volumes of data from a diverse array of sources.

Track, maintain, and protect data accuracy at every stage of the life cycle.

Automatically move data as well as design, create, and continuously update data warehouses and data lakes on any cloud platform.

For eight years, Gartner has positioned Qlik Talend as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study on our data quality solutions highlights $12.6 million in total benefits and an impressive 355% ROI over three years. With a rapid payback period of six months, organizations benefit from improved data management efficiency, governance, and reporting.

Get an adaptable real-time solution for ingesting enterprise data into popular data repositories.

  • Flexible data source and target connectivity
  • Automated data movement, transformation, and quality 
  • Real-time, continuously updated, and business ready data

Track, maintain, and protect data accuracy at every stage of the data lifecycle.

  • Quality and governance for data trust
  • Secure and compliant architecture
  • Standards-based and extensible

Automate the design, creation, and continuous update of data warehouses and data lakes on any cloud platform.

  • Automate mapping, target table creation, and data instantiation
  • Quickly create and deploy analytics-ready structures
  • Work with a wide variety of use cases and user personas

Enjoy high performance data movement.

Automate and accelerate the entire data pipeline.

Deliver quality data that drives AI innovation.

Provide trusted data to the people who need it.

Create secure APIs and streamlined integration workflows.

Act on data in the moment.

Rapidly onboard new data sources

Maximize the value of your SAP data.

Access and integrate any data source.

Deliver, transform, and unify data in real-time with an easy to configure SaaS solution.

  • Universal connectivity
  • Real-time change data capture
  • Automated and push-down transformation
  • Integrated catalogue and lineage

Integrate on-premises data sources across your secure enterprise.

  • Qlik Replicate
  • Qlik Enterprise Manager
  • Qlik Compose for Data Lakes
  • Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses

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