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Thousands of Qlik developers use Document Analyzer every day to deploy maintainable, scalable Qlik apps with confidence.


Decades of Qlik expertise, surfaced instantly



Clean up unused resources

Unused fields, tables and variables can weigh Qlik Sense apps down. These resources pile up during the development process, becoming a hidden burden.

Document Analyzer identifies your app’s unused resources and their impact, helping you save storage space and decrease RAM usage.

Implement best practices

The list of best practices for Qlik development can be daunting. Scale that across a team of developers and hundreds of apps, and you quickly have an administrative mess.

Document Analyzer does best practice checks for you, revealing the loose threads in your apps so that you can always deploy apps to your highest standards.

Find performance optimizations

It only takes one poorly designed object to bring a server to its knees. Calculated dimensions, nested aggrs, and other sluggish operations pile up quickly as your Qlik Sense apps grow.

Document Analyzer tests all object calculation times for you, ensuring you catch any performance problems before ever hitting production.

Optimized for modern Qlik development

QSDA Pro is the next generation of the Document Analyzer created by Rob Wunderlich and downloaded hundreds of times a week by Qlik developers around the world. With feedback from hundreds of users, Document Analyzer has been completely revamped for the next generation of Qlik deployments.

Start deploying fast, scalable and maintainable Qlik apps

The free edition of QSDA Pro can be used by a single user. Only connections from localhost are accepted. You can analyze a maximum of 100 viz objects per app. Download it now! Or, get in touch for a demo of the full product.

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