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Passing selections between alternate states in Qlik Sense
11 March 2024

5 ways to pass selections between Alternate States in Qlik Sense

This guide delves into the intricacies of passing selections between Alternate States in Qlik Sense, offering a comprehensive look at techniques such as explicit and implicit assignments, merging selections, and utilizing granularity. Perfect for developers and data analysts, it equips you with the knowledge to leverage Alternate States effectively, enhancing dashboard functionality and enriching data analysis.

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Referencing Columns in Qlik Sense Explained
9 March 2023

Column references in Qlik Sense

This post demonstrates how column references in Qlik Sense work, and what considerations you should make regarding performance.

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Searching within selections
7 December 2022

Searching within selections

Discover how to use expression searches in Qlik for advanced data analysis. Learn to filter large datasets and complex visualizations efficiently, including practical examples and the use of dynamic bookmarks. Ideal for data analysts and business users looking to maximize their Qlik apps’ potential.

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Learn about the Date() formatting function and the Date#() interpretation function, and what is the difference.
14 April 2022

Date formatting and interpretation functions in Qlik

Date() and Date#() are very similar looking functions. However, they both serve very different purposes. Learn how to interpret and format dates in this post.

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This post explains the difference between literal values and search expressions in Qlik Set Analysis.
6 April 2022

Literal values vs search strings in Qlik Set Analysis

In Qlik Set Analysis, you can use both literal values and search strings to filter valies. In this post, you’ll learn about the difference between these two, and how they work.

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Learn how to use the TOTAL qualifier in the Qlik Sum() function
21 March 2022

Qlik Sum() function TOTAL qualifier

The TOTAL qualifier in the Sum() function in Qlik lets you create subtotals across higher level dimensions. In this post we’ll show you how.

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