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How to pick a color palette for your data visualization
22 March 2024

Picking the right color palette for your visualization

Discover how to choose the perfect color palette for your data visualizations with our expert guide. Learn about single, categorical, sequential, and diverging color palettes to enhance your charts and graphs. Ideal for data analysts and visualizers.

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Meet Barry Harmsen and Angelika Klidas at QlikWorld in Las Vegas!
28 March 2023

SenseTheme Premium Giveaway at QlikWorld

Barry Harmsen and Angelika Klidas will be representing Bitmetric¬†at QlikWorld in Las Vegas, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! Finding them will earn one QlikWorld attendee a SenseTheme¬†lifetime premium subscription.

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SenseTheme Summer Sale 2022
28 July 2022

SenseTheme Summer Sale

It’s SenseTheme Summer Sale! SenseTheme is the online WYSIWYG theme builder for Qlik Sense that lets you apply your corporate branding to your Qlik Sense applications. It does this in an easy, intuitive and visual manner. Don’t settle for the default Qlik Sense styling: if it’s not themed, it’s not done! This summer, we’re offering […]

Qlik SenseTheme

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