Data is our DNA

Data & Analytics is what we do, it is our expertise. Our mission is to help our customers derive value from their Data & Analytics environment. For this we use user-friendly technologies that allow us to tell the story behind the data.

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We are Bitmetric

Data & Analytics are our craft. Our mission is to let our clients make better choices with the use of data. We achieve this with user-friendly technologies that make complex matters simple and accessible. With Bitmetric you get the maximum return on your investment in data.

Experts in Data

As a team we’re quick on our feet and have a passion for data and automation. We love to take on your Data & Analytics challenges. We combine a proven approach, the Bitmetric Blueprint, with ingenuity and a sharp focus on the context of your business. This means that we deliver solutions that are not only robust and maintainable, but will also seamlessly fit into your environment.

The Bitmetric Team at QlikWorld 2022

Our why?

Because we believe that our data solutions can turn complex issues into insights which our customers can use to improve their decision making.

Always one step ahead

We work from our four important core values  expertise, ingenuity, customer focused and authenticity. Our vision is to let everyone discover the power of data!


We are an authority when it comes to Qlik. And that’s not just something we tell, we show it too. With our worldwide network of specialists our experts can solve any data problem.


The challenge of a problem and finding innovative solutions makes our heart beat faster. We foster curiosity for new technologies and developments, and have the courage to implement them.

Customer focus

We deliver solutions which contribute to the strategy and goals of our clients. We love making complex matters comprehensible. By critically thinking along with our clients we help to add value.

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We openly share our views and respect when others do the same. We value honesty and remain true to ourselves and our values. We present ourselves as we are.

Come work with us

Do you want to work within a highly-skilled, informal team where craftsmanship, ingenuity, knowledge sharing and personal development are valued and encouraged? Then have a look at our job openings.

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Learn the trade

Do you want to get a head start in the world of Data & Analytics? Then we have the ticket for you. Become a fully certified and qualified Data & Analytics Consultant under our expert guidance.

A selection of clients we’re helping get the most out of their data

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