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2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Data Integration

Gartner has evaluated 21 data integration vendors and named both Qlik and Qlik (Talend) as a Leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools — the eighth year in a row for Talend.

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2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Analytics

Gartner has recognized Qlik as a Leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the 13th straight year.

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Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • In-memory associative engine
  • Speed that can’t be matched by SQL-based tools
  • Data exploration that yields answers, not more questions
  • Enable ChatGPT-like interactions with natural language and generative AI
  • Give business users access to automated insights
  • Make further exploration easy with drag-and-drop controls
  • Respond rapidly to business events with intelligent alerts
  • Deliver insights at the point of decision through mobile and embedded analytics
  • Leverage data insights to fuel automated actions

Make insights accesible to everyone with automated insight generation, predictive analytics, and generative AI.

Your business users can make better decisions faster with real-time insights and information embedded in apps they already use

No matter the technical skill ypou can quickly search and explore contexually and interactively across all datasets, in any direction

Automated, no-code report templates and options work with all major platforms and apps.

Data Integration and Quality

Change data capture streaming and data ingestion.

  • Improve data agility and quality
  • Reduce dependacy on skilled developers
  • Minimize impact on production

Turn raw records into analytics-ready data.

  • Count on intelligently conformed data
  • Compose no-code data models on the fly
  • Get automated and continuous refinement

Increase data confidence and usage.

  • Discover, remediate, and share in a secure environment
  • Fully understand your data – from source to use
  • Ensure unified approach to data quality and governance

Deliver volumes of real-time data, analytics and AI-ready data.

Accelerate and simplify the data warehouse lifecycle.

Enable the agile data lake.

Find, manage, and fix your data quickly and securely.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data science and generative AI are easier than ever.

  • Simple no code experience
  • Explore advanced and predictive calculations from data science models
  • Refine context and evaluate results interactively and visually

Deliver data science models directly to business users

  • Monitor and evaluate data sources
  • Collaborate with others
  • Utilize associative exploration and real-time what-if analysis

Get broader insight, context, and capabilities.

  • Generate analysis in natural language
  • Integrate with generative AI platforms like OpenAI and Amazon Bedrock
  • Expand generative AI across analytics automation

Use Qlik AutoML to create models, explore data, run experiments, and publish results.

Efficiently combine, manage and obtain insights from all your data assets and locations.

Leverage fully interactive search, chat, and multi-language support.

Freely explore data and get instant calculations and AI-generated content as you click.

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