9 training sessions

Qlik New User Training Free

Duration: 4 Hours


Attendees will develop the expertise needed to leverage Qlik effectively for data-driven decision-making, enabling them to extract maximum value from the platform and drive business success.

Masters Summit for Qlik € 2.700

Duration: 3 days


The Masters Summit for Qlik offers the next step in your journey towards becoming a Qlik specialist. In 3 days our team of experts, with over 50 combined years of Qlik experience in the field, will take your skills to the next level. Covering fundamental topics like performance tuning and best practices while also diving into new capabilities like AutoML, Automation, Enterprise Reporting etc.

Besides learning there is also ample room to network and share experiences with fellow Qlik enthusiasts.

In 2024 the Masters Summit will be held in Vienna, Austria from September 30th until October 2nd.

TimeXtender Introduction Workshop Free

Duration: 4 hours


TimeXtender is platform that ensures that everyone in the organization always has access to relevant data, while this access is securely arranged and complies with the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation). During this workshop we will give you a guided tour of the product and help you to start building a small data estate using the low-code / no-code technology.

TimeXtender Advanced Training € 600

Duration: 1 day


In the advanced TimeXtender training you learn how to deal with larger and more complex data scenarios. You’ll learn how to set up and work with multi-tier environments and multiple projects. You’ll also learn how you can accommodate an environment for your organization’s Data Scientists. Last but not least, we’ll dive deeper into performance tuning and optimizing your environments.

TimeXtender Core Training € 1200

Duration: 2 days


In this training you learn all the basics of TimeXtender. Getting acquainted with the low-code interface, you’ll learn how to use the standard and extendable functions. From connecting to over 120 different data sources, to creating well-performing data models and delivering the data to the endpoint of your choice. You’ll also learn how you can perform an impact analysis for data model changes as well as exploring the lineage of your data. At the end of the training you will be fully equipped to set up a secure, well-performing and GDPR-compliant TimeXtender environment that is fully documented.

Qlik Sense Business Analyst € 1200

Duration: 2 days

Data Literacy Qlik

Learn to create your own dashboards and analyses in Qlik Sense. In this two day training, you’ll learn all the basic skills needed to design and develop your own dashboards in Qlik Sense. You’ll learn how to load simple data sets. You’ll also learn how to perform analyses in Qlik Sense. You’ll see how you can use Qlik’s powerful associative model to your advantage as well as how to share your new insights with your colleagues.

Tailor-Made Training

Together we can develop trainings customized to your organization’s wishes. This will enable you to maintain, enhance and deepen your team’s knowledge and skills in a way that best fits your constraints and goals. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

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