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Eliminate tedious and repetitive data preparation tasks, generate code & documentation automatically with TimeXtender, and free your time for higher-impact analytics projects.

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Why we ♥ TimeXtender

Quickly implement a solid foundation for your analytics environment. Pull all relevant documentation without hassle. Remove the tedious and save time for the interesting work.

Build a Data Estate 10x faster with TimeXtender


Build a data estate 10x faster by automatically generating all code & documentation.

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Quickly ingest & prepare data, while easily scaling to meet future analytics needs.

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Integrate all the powerful features & capabilities you need into a single, unified solution.

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TimeXtender delivers a trusted, reliable & secure solution for organization of any size.

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How it works

TimeXtender seamlessly overlays your data storage infrastructure, connects to any data source & integrates all the powerful data preparation capabilities you need into a simple, drag-and-drop solution.

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Build a data estate 10x faster by automatically generating all code & documentation.

Low-code no-code Data Warehouse building with TimeXtender

Automatically Generate Code

TimeXtender automatically generates T-SQL code for data cleansing, transformation & validation – eliminate the need to manually write, review & debug countless lines of SQL code.

Drag-And-Drop Interface

TimeXtender provides all the powerful data ingestion & preparation capabilities you need within a simple, unified, drag-and-drop user interface.

Smarter Pipelines

With TimeXtender’s metadata-based approach, whenever a change in your data sources or systems is made, you can instantly propagate those changes across the entire pipeline with just a few clicks.

Automatically Optimize Data Loading

TimeXtender optimizes data loading by learning from past executions – eliminate manually setting up & maintaining object dependencies, and manually optimizing orchestration tasks.

The TimeXtender way

With the low-code data estate builder, you can quickly integrate your siloed data into a data lake, model your data warehouse, and define data marts for multiple Business Intelligence tools & endpoints – all within a simple, drag-and-drop user interface.

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TimeXtender empowers you to quickly ingest & prepare data, while easily scaling to meet future analytics needs. 

Build agile data pipelines with TimeXtender

Self-Service Analytics

Transformations & merges can be done without manual coding, which allows BI & analytics experts to easily create data products that can be deployed to multiple visualization tools (such as Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau). 

Change Storage Without Code

With TimeXtender, you can simply point to a new storage (or server) & code will be automatically updated as needed for your updated project.

Easily Transfer Environments

Because TimeXtender writes your code, you can easily move from Development to Test to Production, even if they are on different Microsoft Data Platforms.

Quickly Change Deployment Models

Whether you take a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid approach, you can simply point TimeXtender at the new target location, and it will generate and install all the necessary code to build and populate your new deployment.


TimeXtender integrates all the powerful features & capabilities you need into a single, unified solution. 

Integrated data management with TimeXtender

Replace A Stack

Replace a stack of expensive, complex tools with a single, unified solution – 70% reduction in build costs – no loss of flexibility or power.

Data Quality & Performance

TimeXtender provides built-in data quality rules, & alerts, while leveraging machine learning to power its Intelligent Execution Engine & Performance Recommendations.

Automatically Generate Documentation

TimeXtender automatically generates full, end-to-end documentation of your entire data estate – ensure users that their data is complete, accurate & reliable.

Impact Analysis

Because all your business rules are saved as metadata, TimeXtender allows you to easily evaluate the impact of changing a data source, a data field, or a transformation.


TimeXtender delivers a trusted, reliable & secure solution for organizations of any size.

Enterprise-grade data management and data warehousing with TimeXtender

Holistic Governance

By using metadata to drive the model & deploy the code, TimeXtender never requires any access or control over your actual data – eliminate security vulnerabilities & compliance issues, while getting a holistic view of what is happening across your entire data estate.

Enterprise-grade Security

TimeXtender’s security features allow you to easily create database roles – restrict access to specific views, schemas, tables & columns (object-level permissions), or specific data in a table (data-level permissions).

Compliant with Regulations

TimeXtender supports compliance requirements for GDPR (AVG), HIPAA & Sarbanes Oxley, or your own, internal standards.

“TimeXtender is the perfect solution to developer a completely new Data Warehouse in a structured and controlled manner. This allows my development team and me to confidently build the foundation needed to provide our organization with action-oriented management information. Now and in the future.”

Rob van Vliet, Product Owner Business Intelligence, Medux


TimeXtender – Demo

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TimeXtender – Proof of Concept

Are you convinced but do you need help convincing those around you? Let’s do a demo on your environment and prove TimeXtender’s worth together with you.

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