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Customers are using Qlik’s AI to implement generative models, better inform business decisions, and improve outcomes.

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Questions you could be asking Qlik’s AI

Inventory Management with Qlik and AI
Analyze customer behavior with Qlik and AI
Make the right investments, with Qlik and AI
Optimize your sales pipeline with Qlik and AI

Optimize and plan your staffing levels with Qlik and AI
Manage and project your expenses with Qlik and AI
Improve employee retention with Qlik and AI

Spark your own AI innovations with the Qlik Staige platform

AI Foundation

Prepare quality governed data for generative AI you can trust.

  • Create AI-ready data sets via connectivity, intelligent pipelines, and transformation engines
  • Fine-tune enterprise AI using your data to optimize models

AI-Enhanced Solutions

Bring AI to BI for analytics that stay one step ahead.

  • Generate visualizations, NLG readouts & interpretations
  • Get interactive, fast answers with conversation-based experience
  • Enable any of your employees to track key drivers

Self-Service AI

Build and deploy AI for advanced use cases.

  • Experiment limitlessly until ready to deploy
  • Generate predictions with full explainability
  • Integrate models in real-time for what-if analysis

Generative AI Benchmark Report

Hearing a lot about GenAI, but wary of chasing the hype or being left behind? Qlik just conducted a deep survey with 200 C-levels, VPs, directors, and senior architects and engineers.

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