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Vizlib’s powerful, value-added products empower you to dig deeper, customize and standardize at the click-of-a-button.

Increase data literacy within your organization through easy-to-use and comprehensible visualizations.

Qlik Sense tailor-made

Are you tired of your extensions not working on some browsers? Did you just upgrade your Qlik environment only to find that half of your dashboards need troubleshooting? Take full control of your Qlik front end and play by your own rules with Vizlib.

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Why we ♥ Vizlib

Vizlib empowers businesses to lead with better informed decisions by making data accessible through easy-to-use and feature-rich data visualization. With its extensive visualization library full of easily customizable charts and objects, Vizlib brings Qlik Sense to a whole new level. Also, it’s fully supported. Fully. Supported.


No additional coding skills are required. Just build upon the Qlik expressions you already know!


Full control over all aspects of your visualizations. Make it fully to your liking and bring your identity to life.


Upgrades, new extensions and bug fixes are included in the price of your subscription. Multi version is supported.

Fully supported

You can be ensured of compatible visualizations in every Qlik environment, also when you bring Qlik to its latest release.

Vizlib’s Products


Designed for dashboarding.


Designed for ad-hoc data exploration.


Designed to converge insight into action.


Deliver unbeatable P&Ls and balance sheets.


Experience visual planning.

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Create pixel perfect dashboards with Vizlib Library. Without question the most powerful visual analytics product for Qlik Sense.

Empower users

Vizlib Library is by far the most powerful visual analytics product for Qlik Sense. It empowers users to redefine Qlik’s native capabilities without a single line of code.

20+ Charts

With access to 20+ individual charts, users can develop intuitive, interactive applications for any use case and achieve solutions that would otherwise be impossible.

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable, supported and packed with advanced out-of-the-box capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

Tap into advanced analytics, drill down experiences in Viztips, define shortcuts through actions and automate workflows.


The ultimate exploration and ah-hoc reporting solution. Make data accessible and support a data literate culture.

ad-Hoc Exploration

Vizlib Self-Service is designed for ad-hoc data exploration and reporting in Qlik Sense.

Interactive Reports

It provides apps with advanced functionalities that make data talk through interactive reports.

Extend Your Data’s Reach

Self-Service combines a series of self-service features that empower businesses to extend the reach of data analytics across an organization.


Harness the power of collaborative analytics and writeback capabilities to close the analytics loop in Qlik Sense.

Writeback Table

Read-only dashboards are a thing of the past. With the Vizlib Writeback Table, you can easily edit, update and comment on data points or entire rows directly in your dashboards, while remaining in the analysis flow. It’s a little like spreadsheets in Qlik Sense, but a lot more powerful.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Risk

Vizlib Writeback Table enables you to skip the error-prone manual steps required for maintaining multiple spreadsheets and work with your data directly in Qlik Sense. From governance chaos to a single source of truth!


Vizlib Teamwork is all about collective intelligence and bringing your team and data together in Qlik Sense. With in-context communication and real-time conversations inside your dashboards, teams can ask and answer questions in minutes, saving time and making better decisions.

Input Forms

Vizlib Input Form lets you capture user input and enter new data points into your published Qlik Sense apps. And connecting to endpoints using REST, the Vizlib Input Form can send dynamic data to almost any business tool—from another system, like your CRM, to email or Slack or an output file (like .csv or .qvf). 


Modernize your reporting in Qlik Sense with trusted, real-time financial data. Future-fit finance starts here.

Single-source of truth

Bring together business data from multiple sources, enabling instant, accurate reporting. Make clear decisions by ensuring everyone works with the same read-only data, removing room for manual errors and misinterpretations. Combine quality data with clear visuals for accurate and timely financial insights – a single source of truth.

More Automation

Remove the burden of manual data consolidation from multiple sources by generating reports automatically with Qlik + Vizlib Finance – schedule daily or hourly automatic reloads. Make manual reporting and errors a thing of the past. And empower your finance team to deliver fast, efficient and impactful P&Ls and balance sheet reports automatically!

Flexible Data Exploration

Drill-down to explore data at any level, from a broad, aggregated business overview down to transaction level. Unrestricted granularity, data sizes, and history of finance data at speed across up to five dimension levels. Your team and the finance data consumers in your organisation gain the full power of flexible analysis. An intuitive and hassle-free journey to insightful answers.

Ready-To-Use Templates

Pre-designed ‘out-of-the-box’ templates save developers valuable report building time. With templates, reports are easier to update and maintain, even if the structure of the P&L changes or new accounts are added.


Seamless project planning for tracking progress, optimising resources, and accurately forecasting any projects in Qlik Sense.

Keep track of progress

Monitor the progress of tasks and workflows easily with custom milestones and custom periods to prioritize and optimize on the fly. Shade non-working time to better manage your resources and avoid critical dependencies.

More context on hover

Get the bigger picture on specific project data points with embeddable HTML tooltips. Support the journey to insights with supplemental information that encourages more engagement and deeper data exploration.

Guided visual orientation

Fast-track insights by directing the user’s attention and adding more context to your planning with visual cues like reference lines and progress bars.

More Project Insights

Speed up the time-to-insights and extract more value when you combine Vizlib Gantt with the dataviz wow of Vizlib Library. Provide a more guided, action-oriented user experience that steers their attention to critical factors and keeps your project moving closer to completion!

“Vizlib uncovered all the options we were looking for to enable us to utilize the Qlik engine with top of the line visuals.”



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