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20 February 2024

The Mail & Deploy Release 3.4 has arrived!

Enhance your Qlik reporting with seamless integrations such as Snowflake and Google Shared Drive. This Mail & Deploy release includes powerful features such as AnyChart visualizations and Box collaborations, which will help you streamline your reporting processes.

Mail & Deploy Qlik Solution
31 January 2024

The Qlik Masters Summit is coming to Austria!

The Masters Summit for Qlik offers the next step in your journey towards becoming a Qlik specialist. In 3 days our team of experts, with over 50 combined years of Qlik experience in the field, will take your skills to the next level.

Bitmetric Event Qlik Training
17 January 2024

Revealing The New Qlik Brand

The Qlik team revealed a completely new brand and website. This transformation goes beyond aesthetics, symbolizing their dynamic evolution at the forefront of data integration, analytics, and AI.

Qlik Solution
16 January 2024

Bitmetric Qlik Sense Coding Conventions

At Bitmetric, we do not believe in universal ‘best practices’. Which approach, standard, or method is most effective should always be evaluated in the context of the environment. That being said, there are certainly starting points that can be considered ‘good ideas’. For instance, our Qlik Sense Coding Conventions. Readable and consistent Qlik Sense script […]

Ebook Performance Qlik Script

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