16 February 2022

Bitmetric Qlik Sense Coding Conventions – free download

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Bitmetric Qlik Sense Coding Conventions - Free Download

At Bitmetric, we don’t believe in universal ‘best practices’. Which approach, standard or method works best should always be evaluated in the context of the environment. That being said, there are certainly starting points that can serve as ‘good ideas’. For example our Qlik Sense Coding Conventions.

Readable and consistent Qlik Sense script

One of the standards Bitmetric uses in its Qlik Sense projects are scripting / coding conventions. The main goal  is to minimize maintenance and change efforts by providing readable and consistent Qlik Sense script. After all, script is read much more often than it is written and “if it works, it works” is just not good enough in our opinion.

A well-written script makes for easier maintenance, increases the overall quality of the solution and is an investment in the future.

Our standard approach is described in the Bitmetric Qlik Sense Coding Conventions. This 66-page document document describes, amongst other things, our standards for script organization, naming, use of statements, comments and white space. In addition, the document contains general tips and advice for Qlik Sense developers.

Download the Bitmetric Qlik Sense Coding Conventions

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Ebook Qlik Script

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