From Data to Insights to Action

Bring your Qlik apps to life with a unique suite of tools for writeback, process visualization and unstructured data.

Unlock the true potential of your data with Inphinity, a suite of Qlik-native products designed to seamlessly enhance your Qlik Sense environment. From lightning-fast implementation to robust security and cloud-ready capabilities, Inphinity empowers businesses to elevate their data analytics and decision-making effortlessly.

Inphinity Suite

Inphinity Flow: process visualization for Qlik Sense

Inphinity Flow

Inphinity Flow reinvents process management in Qlik Sense. It improves process performance, efficiency, and quality by enabling continuous visibility and improvement of business processes. With this innovative tool, you can transform your operational analysis.

Inphinity Forms: writeback functionality for Qlik Sense

Inphinity Forms

Inphinity Forms enables users to efficiently act upon data, collaborate and removes the need for spreadsheets. Natively integrated in Qlik Sense Inphinity Forms is the premium Qlik writeback extension.

Inphinity Mole: unstructured data connectors for Qlik Sense

Inphinity Mole

Inphinity Mole is the only Qlik-native, secure & enterprise ready data connector that will turn your data into a structured form and make it ready for analysis.

Inphinity Flow

Process Performance that Pushes the Boundaries of Actionable Analytics


Processes are everywhere in an organisation and are key to unlocking intelligent decision making. Inphinity flow facilitates visualisation, exploration and comprehension of all  processes in Qlik Sense. No more siloed data analysis.


Understanding processes within a company is a crucial part of data literacy. It enables employees to connect the data with activities and understand the real impact of their data-driven decisions. No more expensive and complex tools.


Empower employees and increase their value by enabling them to take actions where the data is, creating an environment where all actions have context. No more write-back without a workflow.

Inphinity Forms

Actionable Analytics
in Qlik Sense

Start and see value on
the same day

Zero coding, no time-consuming configuration, and a short learning curve. Just install the add-on, choose from dozens of ready-made models and templates, and you are all set.

  • Download, install, use
  • Self-service implementation

Use it within Qlik’s
familiar environment

Inphinity Forms extends your Qlik Sense’s capabilities without ever taking you out of Qlik. No need to onboard anyone, it is as easy to use as a standard Qlik table.

  • Qlik-style design
  • Administration in Qlik

Documentation and Support

You always have something or someone to turn to for help. Inphinity Forms comes with comprehensive documentation and live, in-person support.

Inphinity Mole

Harness the power of collaborative analytics and writeback capabilities to close the analytics loop in Qlik Sense.

Unstructured to structured

Create your own analyses on top of the unstructured data to tap any of the million of unstructured data analytics use cases with Inphinity Mole.

Different file types

Extract content from different files  – word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, openoffice, scans, pictures or emails and many other sources. With Inphinity Mole.

Rely on metadata

The connector will provide metadata about all files, such as names, dates, owners, and other data. With Inphinity Mole.

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