Make Analytics accessible to everyone

Enable everyone in your organization — regardless of technical skill — to make data-driven decisions and take action with AI-powered insight.

See why more than 40,000 customers trust Qlik. Easily explore information and quickly gain insights.

  • Connect and combine data from hundreds of data sources
  • Best-in-class visualization and discovery at your fingertips
  • Get AI-generated insight suggestions, automatically

Benefit from a unique engine that indexes and freely associates your data for insights and speed that query-based engines just can’t match.

Give business users access to automated insights, natural language interaction, predictive analytics, and generative AI.

Respond rapidly to business events with intelligent alerts and automation, delivered where decisions are made through embedded analytics and mobile.

Generate powerful analyses through machine learning, predictive analytics, and generative AI.

Get fast answers and perform ad hoc analyses with an AI assistant available in 10 languages.

Understand what’s happening in your data and freely, easily explore it to uncover why.

Directly trigger human and machine action based on insight.

Generate insight through natural language interaction and advanced, predictive, generative analytics.

Search and explore data sets quickly, contextually, and interactively for deeper understanding and insight, no matter the technical skill.

Make better decisions faster with real-time insight and information embedded in apps you already use.

Automatically distribute reports in popular formats including PDF, PPT, and Excel.

The transformative Associative Engine.

Highly interactive. Always in context. Lightning fast. Nothing else compares.

  • Make selections freely in all objects, in any direction, to refine context and make discoveries
  • Get instant calculations at scale
  • Expand far beyond the limits of query-based analytics and dashboards with free form exploration and discovery

Drive more meaningful insight with augmented analytics.

With AI and ML built into our foundation, we deliver a full range of uniquely integrated augmented analytics capabilities that allow more people, regardless of skill level, to get more value from their data. Take advantage of:

  • Automated insight generation
  • Search and natural language interaction
  • AI-assisted creation and data prep
  • AutoML and predictive analytics

Develop a dynamic relationship with information.

Get in-the-moment insights and drive immediate action.

  • Intelligent alerting
  • Powerful collaboration
  • Mobile and embedded analytics
  • Automated triggering of immediate actions

Choose how and where you manage data.

Take advantage of analytics in the cloud and on-premises. You get maximum choice and deployment flexibility when deciding where to store, transform, and analyze your data.

All the power of Qlik analytics solutions in a cloud-based SaaS deployment.

The on-premises solution for highly regulated industries.

Choosing the right option

We strongly believe that Qlik’s products will enable you to gain a solid return on investment with a lower total cost of ownership. Whatever your needs are, let’s get in touch and make sure you choose the option that’s right for you.

How can we help?

Barry has over 20 years experience as a Data & Analytics architect, developer, trainer and author. He will gladly help you with any questions you may have.