21 March 2022

Qlik Sum() function TOTAL qualifier

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Learn how to use the TOTAL qualifier in the Qlik Sum() function

Every Friday at Bitmetric we’re posting a new Qlik certification practice question to our LinkedIn company page. Last Friday we asked the following Qlik Data Architect certification practice question about the use of the TOTAL qualifier within the sum() function.

A jeans retailer wants to see how each size contributes to the total sales of each model. Which of the following expressions should the Business Analyst use to meet these requirements?

We’re a bit short-handed this week, so we’re keeping this week’s answer brief. The key to getting this question right is being aware of the TOTAL qualifier and the option to add one or more chart dimensions between angle brackets.

The correct answer is D: Sum(Sales) / Sum(TOTAL <Model> Sales)

By itself, the TOTAL qualifier will return the total Sales for the entire table. When you add chart dimensions between angle brackets, it will return the total Sales for that dimension. For example, Sum(TOTAL <Model> Sales) returns the total Sales for the dimension Model, ignoring Size.

That’s it, see you next Friday!

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