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Data Literacy

It's how a person interacts with data to make sense of the world around him

Equipping people with the skills to read, understand, create and communicate data accurately as information is crucial to the adoption and continued success of any data and analytics initiative.

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Our vision

Google “Data Literacy” and you’ll find a clear definition: the ability to read, analyze, work and argue with data. This very distilled definition means that it is easily overlooked as something which is a given. Meanwhile, our experience shows that Data Literacy is only a given in exceptional circumstances.

Data Literacy is about executives and managers understanding the potential value that data brings to the table just as much as it about employees utilizing it in their daily tasks. The level of Data Literacy in an organization will predict the success and impact of any data strategy. It is not about being able to work with analytics tools, it is about understanding their potential and when to use them, and, maybe more importantly, when not.

Buzzwords surrounding data such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automated Predictions generate high interest in data and analytics, but sadly often lead to disappointing results. This is not because the techniques don’t work, but they need to be applied with a clear grasp and within an environment that is suitable to their deployment.

It is for exactly these reasons that Data Literacy is our first and fundamental pillar. It is about the human interactions with data, how it helps to shape your organization’s future and how it affects your organizational culture.

Having a solid Data Literacy foundation will pave the way for accelerated growth in any organization. Data Literacy is not an achievement but an objective in which the end game is a moving target as your organization grows.

Harness the accelerated power of data and the digital data transformation

“The more people that can debate, analyze, work with and utilize data in their daily roles, the better their decisions become!”

-Angelika Klidas, Data Literacy Evangelist

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