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Data Management

Data Strategy and having a shared data vision

Data management provides the fundamental aspects of a modern data environment. Due to the enormous growth and complexity of data and data environments, is has become essential for any company, regardless of size or industry.

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Our vision

There are many takes on what encompasses Data Management. Our experience teaches us that it involves everything before you can start doing analytics meaningfully. Where Data Literacy is all about recognizing the objectives and setting out the course, this second pillar focusses on building the foundations of data generated value.

Just like those one-size-fits-all hats never really fit anyone, there is no one solution to Data Management. Within your strategy, it is important to consider your needs with regards to collecting data, storing data, processing data, data governance and finally providing access. The right tooling is based upon your specific requirements in these areas.

Data infrastructure is at the core of Data Management and incorporates several aspects. We’ve yet to encounter a business which operates from a single database. Combing the datasets, whether they live on premises or in the cloud, is the first step to gaining value. Understanding which data you need when and at what frequency (e.g. real time, hourly or daily), is what will determine whether or not you will over- or underspend on your environment.

Aside from the technical foundations of data management, the level of Data Governance will greatly predict the speed and validity of your analytics endeavors. Although sometimes said to encompass data strategy, we believe that governance is part of the strategy and not the other way around. Governance will make sure you liaise with business to understand the data, have the right level of focus on data quality and security, and have adequate lifecycle management of your data, pipelines and dashboards.

Data management needs to meet the requirements of your business. That means it shouldn’t be overlooked but just as importantly, shouldn’t be overdone. Analytics can’t wait for perfection, but can be sped up significantly with a good understanding of the data.

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