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Focus on the right information is critical

The way data and its story are communicated is critical. It can be hard to process everything, and some people just end up either not trusting the data or the recommendations.

Our vision

After recognizing Data Literacy as an objective and defining the foundations in Data Management it is now time to work towards value creation for your organization. Data & Analytics are all about using the data and turning it into useful insights and applications, and really, they are two sides of the same coin. There is no use in having all sorts of data if you don’t do anything with it. Analytics is where the true value of data comes to life.

Over the past decades there have been many exciting examples of analytics-use cases; think of Netflix’s recommendations, self-driving cars and Amazon’s fully automated warehouses. The success stories are inspiring and the desire may exist to emulate these projects, but what works for one business may not work for yours. Aligning your analytics with your overall business strategy is key to achieve the best value out of your data.

Bitmetric has been convinced of the strength of Qlik’s products for many years and we truly believe that it offers great value for any analytics environment. Through its unique associative engine, Qlik can bring business data together in the way that business operates without getting lost in semantics. Add to that its ever evolving features, which now even incorporate advanced artificial intelligence through natural language processing, and it’s easy to see how Qlik is the analytics partner that will grow with your business needs.

At Bitmetric, we have grown along with possibilities of analytics, from the early days in QlikView to now, delivering analytics environments fully in the cloud. The key to our success has been continuous learning, which we describe in our fourth pillar, Education.

Qlik Sense simplifies data analysis

Qlik Sense can help you to make Data Informed Decisions faster than ever before. Qlik Sense SaaS capabilities offers a no-code solution that allows users to automate tasks and data workflows.


Here are some relevant trainings you may be interested in.

Qlik Sense – Business Analyst

Learn all the basic skills needed to design and develop your own dashboards in Qlik Sense.  You’ll see how you can use Qlik’s powerful associative model to gain insights.

Training Path

Qlik Sense – Data Architect

Learn the skills to develop an associative data model in Qlik Sense from scratch, how to get the  best performance, and master the Bitmetric coding conventions.

Training Path

Basics of Data Visualization

Get an understanding of the basic rules around visualizing data. We’ll teach you how to design effective data visualizations. 

Training Path

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Barry has over 20 years experience as a Data & Analytics architect, developer, trainer and author. He will gladly help you with any questions you may have.