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Working with data is a continuous journey!

Angelika Klidas, our Manager Operations & Data Literacy Evangelist, describes her journey in analytics and shares her hopes and thoughts for the future.

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Our vision

Our fourth and final pillar is education. Just as Data Literacy lays the foundation for your strategy, Data Management for your data and Analytics for business value, education is the foundation that ensures that all the moving parts work together. Being great in only one aspect of the information value chain will bring broken results. To avoid this, you and your colleagues should learn to use the right tools for the right reasons.

For us education does not start or end at the classroom door. Nor is it something that should be done outside of the organization. Aside from the educational courses, knowledge resources and workshops, education comes to life through interpersonal interactions with a focus on growth. Bringing the right mindset to solving a business issue, knowing when to take the floor and when to give the floor to someone else, are just as much part of how your organization will educate itself as the classical techniques.

Our trainings enable people to develop the right mindset around (organizational) data literacy, data strategy and data integration tools, but also to learn to understand and apply dashboards and reports. Bitmetric can also provide you with introductory workshops that allow you to find out which type of analytics software suits your business needs best.

Our philosophy is based on hearing, seeing and doing. We believe that hands-on trainings, with the best-in-class materials and instructors can help you gain the knowledge to get the most value out or your trainings and courses. We facilitate trainings, courses and workshops both on- and off-site.

Bitmetric's Academy

We have extensive experience in the data field and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge. See our blog for relevant insights and check out our academy page with trainings on offer. Should you require something that isn’t specifically listed, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.


Here are some relevant trainings you may be interested in.

Data Literacy Basics

Learn all about Bitmetric’s framework (the 6 step approach) helps to understand which steps to take and how to describe them.

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Agile Data & Analytics

Learn about agile data & analytics environments and how you should approach and manage your Data & Analytics projects.

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Basics of Data Visualization

Get an understanding of the basic rules around visualizing data and learn to design actually those visualizations that actually will be used.

Training Path

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