TimeXtender Core Training

In this training you learn all the basics of TimeXtender. Getting acquainted with the low-code interface, you’ll learn how to use the standard and extendable functions. From connecting to over 120 different data sources, to creating well-performing data models and delivering the data to the endpoint of your choice. You’ll also learn how you can perform an impact analysis for data model changes as well as exploring the lineage of your data. At the end of the training you will be fully equipped to set up a secure, well-performing and GDPR-compliant TimeXtender environment that is fully documented.

2 days
€ 1200
Developers, Power users
Beginners, Intermediate

This training covers the following topics:

  • Setting up data connections
  • Data security,  integrity and GDPR data compliancy
  • Modeling data
  • Setting up and monitoring data quality
  • Managing data with Metadata Secure Compliance
  • Generating documentation
  • Working with impact analysis and data linage
  • Optimizing the environment to achieve faster load times
  • Tracking changes in data and maintaining historical data
  • Preparing endpoints for presentation in Qlik, Power BI or Tableau
Learn from the experts
Create a trusted data environment
GDPR data compliancy
Always accurate documentation


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Tailor-Made Training

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