Qlik New User Training

Attendees will develop the expertise needed to leverage Qlik effectively for data-driven decision-making, enabling them to extract maximum value from the platform and drive business success.

4 Hours
All audiences
Beginners, Intermediate

This training covers the following topics:

  • How is Qlik structured?​
  • How does data get into Qlik?
  • How do I navigate Qlik?​
  • How do I make selections in Qlik?​
  • How to Create Alerts?​
  • How to Subscribe​ to receive updates via email?
  • How do you create your own dataset?​
Learn from the experts
Get the best out of your Qlik environment
Enable your team to use Qlik to its full potential


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Tailor-Made Training

Together we can develop trainings customized to your organization’s wishes. This will enable you to maintain, enhance and deepen your team’s knowledge and skills in a way that best fits your constraints and goals. Let’s discuss the possibilities.