Masters Summit for Qlik

The Masters Summit for Qlik offers the next step in your journey towards becoming a Qlik specialist. In 3 days our team of experts, with over 50 combined years of Qlik experience in the field, will take your skills to the next level. Covering fundamental topics like performance tuning and best practices while also diving into new capabilities like AutoML, Automation, Enterprise Reporting etc.

Besides learning there is also ample room to network and share experiences with fellow Qlik enthusiasts.

In 2024 the Masters Summit will be held in Vienna, Austria from September 30th until October 2nd.

3 days
€ 2.700
Developers, Power users
Intermediate, Specialist

Sessions at the Masters Summit for Qlik include:

  • Managing your tenant
  • Migrating to Qlik SaaS
  • Performance Tuning and Capacity Management
  • Real-world AutoML applications
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Automations
  • Qlik Cloud integration

More information about this training, upcoming events and registration can be found on our Masters Summit for Qlik page.

When you finish the developer course you think you know it all, but when you come to this Summit you realize that you know nothing. It was much more than I expected.
Masters Summit Las Vegas 2013
Masters Summit Las Vegas
Definitely worth the the money in all measurable categories. Amount of knowledge, networking, openness, materials, real examples provided, ready made libraries, organization.
Masters Summit New York 2015
Masters Summit for Qlik New York
It was great to have years of experience delivered to me in a few days. Thrilled to have as a reference library at my disposal.
Masters Summit for Qlik Johannesburg 2016
Masters Summit for Qlik Johannesburg
Great presentations, very energizing and inspiring. Lots of tips and tricks, ideas and experience exchange.
Masters Summit for Qlik Amsterdam 2019
Masters Summit for Qlik Amsterdam
World-class expertise
Learn by doing
Accelerate your professional growth
Get maximum value out of your Qlik investment


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