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With Bitmetric’s powerful business intelligence solutions, Medux unlocked the true potential of their data and modernized their business management environment.

Medux is a supplier of healthcare resources operating under the brand names of Atlas Kidtech, HartingBank, Medipoint, MHG, and Orthototaal. They cater to healthcare organizations, professionals, insurers, hospitals, municipalities, and manufacturers of healthcare resources.

Bitmetric played a crucial role in helping Medux modernize their Qlik environment. They accomplished this through the Qlik Analytics Modernization Program (AMP). At the same time, Bitmetric supported Medux in building a modern data foundation. This was achieved by utilizing TimeXtender, leading to improved and more cost-effective healthcare services.

Medux - Qlik Analytics Modernization Program

“Developing a data-driven mindset requires the right partner, the right tools, and the right skills.”

– Rob van Vliet, Product Owner BI at Medux

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Medux, started their journey with Bitmetric and TimeXtender implementing data-driven working practices. The case highlights the challenges they faced with fragmented data sources, inconsistent business logic, and limited data integration. It emphasizes the importance of establishing a robust and flexible data foundation to drive improvements in healthcare affordability and quality.

Medux embarked on a journey to become a data-driven organization by transitioning from QlikView to Qlik Sense. With the help of Bitmetric, Medux focused on developing skills within their BI team to provide better support to business units. The switch to Qlik Sense resulted in higher quality dashboards, visual presentation of data, increased user engagement, and the ability for business units to work independently with data.

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