TimeXtender at Medux

Medux is building a modern data foundation for better and more affordable healthcare

Medux is a supplier of healthcare resources for care organizations, healthcare professionals, health insurers, hospitals, municipalities, and manufacturers of healthcare resources, operating under the brand names of Atlas Kidtech, HartingBank, Medipoint, MHG, and Orthototaal.

In 2021, Medux began its transformation into a data-savvy company. The right equipment can make all the difference, which is why updating Medux’s Business Management environment was a major milestone on the company’s path to success. To see how Medux and Bitmetric and TimeXtender pulled this off, download the case study.

“Besides the necessary software licences and
implementation, Bitmetric is taking us on a journey to
data literacy via project management, training programs
and as a sparring partner.”

– Rob van Vliet, Product Owner BI at Medux


Medux, started their journey with Bitmetric and TimeXtender implementing data-driven working practices. The case highlights the challenges they faced with fragmented data sources, inconsistent business logic, and limited data integration. It emphasizes the importance of establishing a robust and flexible data foundation to drive improvements in healthcare affordability and quality.


  • Fragmented Data Landscape: Medux had two SQL data warehouses with limited access to important source applications. The existing data landscape was fragmented, making it difficult to combine data sources and resulting in inconsistent business logic across different reports.
  • Data Inconsistency: The business logic used in different reports varied, leading to different interpretations of terms and creating confusion. This inconsistency made it challenging to obtain accurate and reliable insights from the data.
  • Limited Data Integration: Medux faced difficulties in combining data sources, and at times, queries were made directly on production systems, causing system outages and disrupting operations.
  • Budget Constraints: Budgetary issues were a stumbling block for implementing a central data warehouse. Convincing stakeholders of the need for a centralized solution required overcoming budget constraints.
  • Data Literacy and Awareness: Initially, data-driven working was not treated as a priority at Medux. There was a need to raise awareness and improve data literacy within the organization to fully leverage the value of data-driven insights.


The solution entailed constructing a modern data foundation for Medux, a semi-governmental organization in the healthcare industry. The following were the solution’s primary components:

  • Central Data Warehouse: Bitmetric used TimeXtender to build an Azure SQL data warehouse. This central data warehouse allows Medux to consolidate data from numerous sources and present a consistent perspective.
  • Data Integration and Automation: TimeXtender’s smart tool automated data preparation, centralization, and documentation. Data engineering was simplified and required little technical skills.
  • Data Literacy and Support: Bitmetric provides more than software licenses and installation. They supported Medux’s data-driven journey and improved data literacy by managing projects, educating employees, and sparring.


By developing a robust data base, Medux produced several beneficial results. They have access to extensive and unified data sources, which helped them make informed choices. The integrated data warehouse avoided business logic discrepancies by ensuring that all reporting and analyses used the same data terminology.

The robust data foundation made data accessible, allowing data integration and minimizing production system queries. System downtime and operational disruptions decreased. The approach ensured future scalability and transferability, allowing Medux to add data sources and improve its analytics.

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