Qlik Analytics Modernization Program at Medux

How Bitmetric helped Medux modernize their Qlik environment with the Qlik Analytics Modernization Program (AMP)

Medux is a supplier of healthcare resources for care organizations, healthcare professionals, health insurers, hospitals, municipalities, and manufacturers of healthcare resources, operating under the brand names of Atlas Kidtech, HartingBank, Medipoint, MHG, and Orthototaal.

Medux started their journey towards becoming a more data-literate organization in 2021. Having the right tools can make all the difference, so an important step in Medux journey was the modernization of existing Business Intelligence environment. Download the case study to learn how Medux achieved this together with Bitmetric and Qlik.

Qlik Sense Medux

“Developing a data-driven mindset requires the right partner, the right tools, and the right skills.”

– Rob van Vliet, Product Owner BI at Medux


Medux embarked on a journey to become a data-driven organization by transitioning from QlikView to Qlik Sense. With the help of Bitmetric, Medux focused on developing skills within their BI team to provide better support to business units. The switch to Qlik Sense resulted in higher quality dashboards, visual presentation of data, increased user engagement, and the ability for business units to work independently with data.


  • Extracting value from data: Medux wanted to leverage data to improve their services, but the skills of the existing business intelligence (BI) team needed further development to unlock the full potential of the data.
  • Willingness to change: The organization needed to foster a culture of data-driven decision-making and encourage employees to embrace data as a valuable asset.


  • Partner selection: Medux collaborated with Bitmetric, we shared their vision of a data-driven organization and offered the necessary best practices for implementing data management, reporting, and analytics tools.
  • Tool selection: Medux transitioned from using QlikView to Qlik Sense, a more user-friendly and accessible cloud solution for data visualization, reporting, and analysis. Qlik Sense’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionalities enabled business units with limited programming skills to independently analyze their data.
  • Skill development: The BI team focused not only on acquiring expertise in Qlik Sense but also on enhancing their communication and problem-solving skills. They aimed to understand the specific data needs of the business units, provide actionable insights, and convince users of the value of data-driven decision-making.


  • Improved dashboards: The quality of the dashboards increased, and data was presented visually instead of as static lists, making it easier for users to understand and interpret the information.
  • Increased user engagement: The number of users regularly analyzing data grew, indicating a higher adoption rate and interest in data-driven insights.
  • Empowering business units: The business units gained the ability to work independently with data and generate ad-hoc reports, enabling them to make data-driven decisions promptly.
  • Data literacy development: Medux initiated training programs to enhance data literacy among employees and foster a curiosity for data within the organization.
  • Future integration and growth: Medux planned to continue integrating Qlik Sense more effectively into the organization by organizing regular Datathons, where the team presents business cases and they collaborate to provide insights.

“With Qlik’s Analytics Modernization Program (AMP), we were able to transfer to Qlik Sense in a cost-effective way without directly having to dispense with the existing reports and dashboards in QlikView. In this way, we were able to adopt the new Qlik Sense technology at our own speed pace and almost without risk.”

– Rob van Vliet, BI Product Owner at Medux

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