20 September 2022

QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022 – recap and speaker presentations

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Join us at QlikWorld Amsterdam in September 2022

On September 7th Bitmetric hosted QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022. The topic for this year was “Be Certain with Qlik,” and it did not disappoint. We published a short photo impression of the event last week. This week we’ll go a bit more in-depth on the contents and speakers. Additionally, you can now download all the speaker presentations.

Keynote speakers at QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022

The day began with Bitmetric’s owner and founder, Barry Harmsen, greeting participants and providing a concise rundown of the day’s events. Angelika Klidas, Bitmetric’s Operations Manager and Data Literacy Evangelist delivered the Qlik Vision Keynote. Maarten Anema, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, delivered the Qlik Product Keynote.

Angelika Klidas – Qlik Vision Keynote

In the Qlik Vision Keynote titled “Creating certainty in a changing world” Angelika discussed how leaders are addressing uncertainty. She shared current market trends and opportunities, and how Qlik and data can help you capture these and increase certainty.

Angelika introduced Van Oord’s Gerben de Boer who shared an inspirational use of analytics for good. Van Oord’s Climate Risk Overview application offers a map that overlays open source data over the world’s coasts. To anticipate worldwide flooding risk, the overview integrates crucial characteristics such as population, low-lying area, and predicted sea level rise. This tool is the first stage in a bigger initiative to assist coastal communities in adapting to climate change. Qlik Sense was used to develop the Climate Risk Overview. The internal Qlik Sense version is used to investigate new data and visuals. An inspiring use case!

Angelika Klidas delivering the Qlik Vision keynote at QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022
Maarten Anema delivering the Qlik Product keynote at QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022.

Maarten Anema – Qlik Product Keynote

Maarten Anema delivered the Qlik Product Keynote on Active Intelligence. He showed how the convergence between Data Integration and Business Intelligence drives business value and shared an overview of the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform.

Maarten took a deeper dive into some of the cool new features and functionalities that were delivered in the past few months. Such as:

  • Cloud Data Services
  • Catalog and Lineage
  • Qlik automated machine learning with Qlik AutoML
  • Reporting Services
  • Direct Query
  • Application Automation
  • Qlik Forts
  • Qlik Marketplace

It was great seeing how quickly the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform has been developing, and exciting to learn what’s next in the pipeline.

Client speakers

Three of our clients presented at QlikWorld Amsterdam; Vincent Borloz of IKEA, Brian Westeneng of DPG Media and Rob van Vliet of Medux. We’re very proud to be working with such cool clients and appreciate their willingness to share the success they’ve had with Qlik software and Bitmetric.

Vincent Borloz – IKEA

Vincent Borloz of IKEA was the first to share his expertise with the audience. In his presentation, Vincent clearly explained how the goals and business case of a Qlik Sense application are established and prioritized within IKEA.

Some crucial points that Vincent discussed where how to establish clear roles and responsibilities, how to encourage adoption and how to ensure that data is actionable. He also showed how IKEA employs agile product development and emphasized certain clever business intelligence ideas that IKEA uses to build excellent Qlik Sense apps.

IKEA's Vincent Borloz was a crowd favorite when he presented "BI Product at Inter IKEA Systems: Integration in the Business - Act with Data".
Brian Westeneng of DPG Media presenting the Digital Campaign Reporting Portal developed by Bitmetric

Brian Westeneng – DPG Media

Brain Westeneng from DPG Media demonstrated their Digital Campaign Portal powered by the Qlik Sense Analytics Platform and developed together with Bitmetric. Although under the hood everything is Qlik Sense, you would never guess it looking at the front end.

The portal offers an easy-to-use interface via which DPG’s clients, advertising agencies and account managers can view all of their campaign data in a single integrated location.

If you want to know more about this project you can read more on our customer case page.

Rob van Vliet – Medux

The final client presentation came from Rob van Vliet of Medux. In his presentation titled “Strategy, Data, and Analytics with a Vision: Value creation through greater data analysis” Rob described Medux’ journey towards analytical excellence.

Medux offers three elements that aid in achieving this goal: Data Accessibility, Data Governance, and Data-Driven Guidance. With an emphasis on people, process, and technology.

Rob van Vliet of Medux presenting at QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022

QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022 Sponsors

Besides our main sponsor Qlik, two additional sponsors helped make QlikWorld Amsterdam possible: Vizlib and Motio, two well-known and trusted Qlik Technology partners.

Martin Mahler of Vizlib at QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022

Martin Mahler – Vizlib

Martin Mahler, CEO of Vizlib, spoke about how to Supercharge your Qlik Analytics by making your data talk. He demonstrated how Vizlib Value Added Products for Qlik Sense can improve the functionality of your Qlik Sense dashboard.

Vizlib’s interactive visualisations, self-service analytics, and game-changing writeback capabilities can make your data talk, and it is free for up to 5 users. Vizlib enables you to increase Qlik Sense usage, create slick on-brand dashboards, deploy without coding, and improve agility and speed. With over 1.000 customers globally, they have earned their market position and are a must-have in your Qlik toolbox.

Ondrej Vana – Motio

Ondrej Vana, Customer Success Manager at Motio, showcased their flagship product, Soterre for Qlik Sense.

Ondrej explained why precise analytics are crucial for your team to make informed business decisions. By giving you the ability to transform your data into insightful knowledge, Qlik opens the door for these possibilities. You can be sure that everything is operating smoothly and dependably when Soterre is monitoring your Qlik assets. In order to deliver a consistent Qlik Sense experience, Soterre further automates and oversees the continuous delivery and version control processes.

Ondrej Vana of Motio at QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022

See you next time?

The view of Amsterdam from the rooftop terrace at QlikWorld Amsterdam 2022

With lots of knowledge shared and a cool goodie bag with Qlik and Bitmetric swag, the day concluded with a networking session on the Volkshotel’s roof terrace overlooking the south of Amsterdam. Following the success of the inaugural event, Bitmetric will now host QlikWorld Amsterdam on an annual basis. Will we see you next year?


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