28 May 2024

What’s New in Qlik Sense May 2024 for Business Users, Analytic Creators and Data Integrators

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This blog post provides Qlik Sense business users, analytic creators, and data integrators a summary of the features and improvements available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. Let’s get started with what’s new in Qlik Sense for May 2024.

Available now in Qlik Sense is the ability for customers to configure and schedule the preloading of apps! This has been a highly requested feature and rightfully so, customers can improve their end-users experience by making datasets nearly immediately available within an application (especially useful for larger apps) upon utilizing the preload functionality.

To make the management of these tasks intuitive and seamless, within the Qlik Management Console you will now find new Support options for the following: Preload Tasks: Create, Edit & Delete.

Creating preload tasks

Qlik associative engine now includes support for loading and storing to nested fields with a parquet file. This support is available when loading and string data using Qlik Sense and the script editor.

Working with Apache Parquet files

The color picker gets an opacity control! By adding this feature, we are making it easier to adjust the transparency of the color with the new addition and option to utilize slider functionality. Here are some use cases that you may find this feature very useful:

  • Allow the sheet background to shine and make a statement along with the data you’re showing!
  • Add more elegance to stacked charts

For those of you who will stick to hex codes, don’t worry – we made that easier too! Moving forward, you’ll be able to paste your codes with or without the “#” symbol.

The following navigation enhancement has been added to the Button: “Go to Sheet: specify chart”.

Check out some of the bulleted use cases below where this will come in handy:

  • Navigating to a specific chart
  • Single page design
  • Jump to Section
  • Back to top

The button also gets a new setting so expressions can be evaluated in runtime. This allows for values set in an action to be carried forward to future actions in the chain.


Adding a button to navigate to a sheet with a specific chart highlighted

We continue to improve on the new Straight table and Pivot table because they are not only classics, but they’re also favorites!

Straight Table:

  • Smaller columns
  • URL links

Pivot Table:

  • Dimension limits
  • Measure formatting
  • Text alignment, dimension and measures values and titles
  • Null value styling measures
  • URL links

And finally, you now have the options to display values as clickable links within dimension columns, for both the Straight table and the Pivot table!

Straight table (Visualization bundle)

Pivot table (Visualization bundle)

Hiding the sheet title makes the sheet navigation buttons available in the selection bar instead of hiding them.

Hiding the toolbar and header in sheets

Qlik Sense provides multiple methods of capturing data from your SAP system. This release enhances existing capture methods with support for SAP ODP. The ODP connector provides connectivity to the SAP ODP framework, enabling data capture from multiple types of data artifacts such as Extractors, CDS views, BW objects, and SAP HANA Information views.

SAP ODP connector

We hope that you’re just as excited about this new May 2024 release for Qlik Sense Business Users, Analytic Creators and Data Integrators as we are. If you need help upgrading or migrating, then do not hesitate to get in touch!

Until next time!

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