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“Customers expect a modern customer experience. Bitmetric helped us introduce a state-of-the-art portal for reporting and analyzing digital campaigns with minimal resources with the Qlik technology”

Anniek Swillens, Director Tech, Yield & Service at DPG Media


Design a modern, online dynamic campaign portal to replace dated, manually produced static reports.


Limited budget and time resources while maintaining high client expectations due to the availability.


Using Qlik Sense, a complete campaign portal was developed to give every client a clear visual overview of the performance of their digital campaigns to enable analysis and follow-up action.


A complete customer experience and staff are freed up from creating manual reports. This enables them to spend more time providing advice to clients

“…together with Bitmetric and Qlik, we succeeded in launching a premium system worthy of DPG within a relatively short time.”

Anouck Van Den Houdt, Digital Flow & Project Lead at DPG Media Group

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