1 September 2022

Morgan Heijdemann joins Bitmetric as Business Intelligence Consultant

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We’re happy to announce that as of September 1st Morgan Heijdemann has joined our team as a Business Intelligence Consultant.

“I’ve been working as an IT specialist for over 10 years. In the last 3 years I got the opportunity to spend some of my time managing my employer’s BI environment. I discovered how much fun it is to work with Data & Analytics. This made me decide to make a career switch into the world of data.”

Morgan is not only an enthusiastic IT professional; he is also an avid hobbyist in his spare time. He is constantly working on something, whether it is a website, a new app, or a robot. For him, a good night out consists of going to the movies, climbing a wall at the local climbing gym, or trying out a new restaurant. He is looking for his next adventure after recently becoming a certified diver.

Asked why he decided to join Bitmetric, Morgan said:

‘’The main reason I joined Bitmetric is that it is not “just another” BI company, but rather a young group of industry experts who value effort, quality work, and, above all, a constant striving for improvement. It is important that you collaborate to improve yourself individually and as a group, lest you fall behind. And therefore, Bitmetric is exactly what I needed.’’

Welcome aboard Morgan, we’re very happy to have you join our team!

Morgan Heijdemann - Business Intelligence Consultant at Bitmetric

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