4 April 2024

Milan Bratu joins Bitmetric as Junior Business Intelligence Consultant

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We’re happy to announce that as of June 1st, Milan Bratu joins Bitmetric as a Junior Business Intelligence Consultant

“In my earlier career, I worked in a variety of fields. In this process I became passionate about being able to make the right business decisions. Of course, in order to make accurate decisions we need access to the right data. This sparked my interest in Business Intelligence leading me to pursue a Master’s in Information Systems study in Finland. I like the little puzzles that dealing with data and analytics provides. It is amazing to see how raw data can be transformed into real knowledge with the help of visualizations and dashboards. Thus enabling people to improve their decision making. I enjoy working with people and collaborating to get the best possible results.”

Outside of his professional interestes, Milan often pursues sporty endeavours: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, bouldering or just going to the gym. During his stay in Finland, Milan also enjoyed the local sports and activities: ice hockey, XC-skiing, snowboarding, ice swimming and going to the sauna. When not exercising, Milan enjoys playing the piano, reading a book and hanging out with friends.

Asked why he decided to join Bitmetric, Milan said:

“After completing my studies in Finland I was on the lookout for an opportunity where I could develop myself into a real business intelligence expert and bitmetric, with a well-experienced team seemed to be able to provide just that. Choosing to join Bitmetric was a decision heavily influenced by the company’s well-known expertise in Business Intelligence, coupled with a work culture that matched what I was seeking in an employer.”

Welcome aboard Milan, we’re very happy to have you join our team!

Milan Bratu joins Bitmetric

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