4 April 2024

Get a free Qlik Check-Up

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Schedule your free 1 hours Qlik Health Check-Up

Are your Qlik applications slow, underutilized, or difficult to update? Do outages and failed reloads keep undermining your investment in Qlik? If so, a free 1-Hour Qlik Check-Up with Bitmetric’s Barry Harmsen could turn things around!

During your free 1-hour Qlik Health Check-Up with Barry Harmsen, you can expect:

  • Personalized discussion: You and Barry will explore your current Qlik application challenges in detail.
  • Practical recommendations: Based on the discussion, Barry will offer targeted advice to help you tackle your most pressing issues.
  • Flexible meeting options: Choose to have your session online or visit our office for a face-to-face consultation.
  • No obligation: Enjoy the benefits of expert advice with no requirement to purchase further services or products.

Improvements on a Sales Portfolio dashboard:

  • Reduced response times from >1 minute to < 3 seconds
  • 400% reduction in memory footprint

At Bitmetric, we live and breathe Qlik. Not only have we delivered hundreds of implementations, we also strive to continuously improve the quality of Qlik solutions. We don’t just do this for our clients and ourselves, but also for the wider Qlik ecosystem. For example through our blog posts, Qlik Coding Conventions and free tools.

Barry is Bitmetric’s founder and Managing Consultant. He’s been working in Data & Analytics for more than 20 years. Besides his daily consulting practice he has personally trained over 2000 Qlik developers, through classroom trainings and the Masters Summit for Qlik. Indirectly, he has helped many more through his book QlikView for Developers and the QlikFix blog. Barry is both a Qlik Luminary and Qlik Partner Ambassador alumni.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and take the first steps towards getting more value out of your investment in Qlik. Limited consultation slots are available, so book yours today!

The check-up will assess various aspects of your Qlik environment and applications, including performance, user adoption rates, and update complexities. While the primary focus is on identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks and usability issues, the session can also touch upon additional aspects such as security, compliance, architecture, development, training, etc., if these are of concern to you.

To get the most out of your check-up session, it’s helpful to gather any relevant information on the issues you’ve encountered, such as error messages, reports on system performance, and user feedback on application usability. Additionally, screen sharing your Qlik dashboard and a brief history of the system’s performance issues will allow for a more targeted and efficient consultation.

After the initial health check-up, you will receive specific recommendations to address the identified issues. Should you need further assistance in implementing these recommendations, Bitmetric offers a range of follow-up services and support options. These can include more detailed analyses, project-based consulting, or even ongoing support agreements to ensure your Qlik environment is optimized and continues to meet your business needs effectively.

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Barry has over 20 years experience as a Data & Analytics architect, developer, trainer and author. He will gladly help you with any questions you may have.