23 May 2023

What’s New in Qlik Sense May 2023 for Business Users, Analytic Creators and Data Integrators

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Qlik Sense February 2023 Release

This section provides Qlik Sense business users, analytic creators, and data integrators a summary of the features and improvements available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. Let’s get started with what’s new in Qlik Sense for May 2023.

Visualizations & Dashboards

New Filter Pane

App developers can now customize the appearance and functionality of filter panes in new ways. Each field or master dimension in a filter pane’s listbox can be customized individually with multiple new properties. There are several options available:

  • Hide the displayed title of the field.
  • Remove search functionality for the field, or switch to Wildcard mode (inserts * characters around string).
  • Compact view for optimizing space between values.
  • Checkbox mode for alternative selection method.
  • Histogram view to display the frequency of each value in the data.
  • Grid layout with custom ordering and display options.
More about the Filter Pane Path
Qlik Sense May 2023 - New Filter Pane

Styling improvements to charts

New styling enhancements for several Qlik Sense charts are now available, providing app developers with more customization options when creating visualizations, allowing them to conform to company, department, or personal style standards and preferences.

The following charts now have new styling options:

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