23 May 2023

What’s New in Qlik Sense May 2023 for Administrators

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Qlik Sense February 2023 Release

This blog post provides Qlik Sense administrators a summary of the new administrative features and improvements available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. Let’s get started with what’s new in Qlik Sense for May 2023.

Data and platform

Single Sign-On to Qlik Alerting

Users can now authenticate from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows to Qlik Alerting using single sign-on. This simplifies the usage of the Qlik Alerting platform without compromising security.

A new External product sign-on pane has been added in the Qlik Management Console to configure SSO authentication. In Qlik Alerting, you can select the authentication pattern under Admin > Sources.

More about External product sign-on Path More about Configuring single sign-on from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows to Qlik Alerting Path

Enable Pagination for Advanced LDAP

Adding pagination has improved user sync via the Advanced LDAP user directory connector. To enable this feature, add the enablePaging flag in the Flags field in the advanced LDAP connector properties.

More about User directory connectors Advanced LDAP properties Path

Show Base Memory Size of Apps in QMC

The Qlik Management Console has added a new column, “Base memory size (MB),” to the Apps table.

More about Apps Path

Bulk Export of Apps in QMC

You can now export up to 50 apps in bulk from the Qlik Management Console. In the Apps table, select the apps you want to export, and then select More actions > Export. Your Qlik Sense environment exports the selected apps to the central node.

More about Exporting apps Path

We hope that you’re just as excited about this new May 2023 release for Qlik Sense Administrators as we are. If you need help upgrading or migrating, then do not hesitate to get in touch!

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