3 April 2023

Tom Maarsen joined Bitmetric as a Business Intelligence Consultant

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We’re happy to announce that as of April 1st Tom Maarsen joined Bitmetric as a Business Intelligence Consultant.

“My most recent professional experience is in the supply chain business, where I worked as a Business Intelligence Professional. With only a few Qlik Apps, we were able to make amazing strides toward developing a full Qlik-based business intelligence platform where data-driven decision-making became the norm. I enjoy working with people.”

Besides from spending time with his lovely wife, Tom likes being outside on his boat and experimenting with Arduino on occasion.

Asked why he decided to join Bitmetric, Tom said:

I was searching for a new challenge that would allow me to learn more about Qlik and how other companies functioned. During the interviews, I had a ‘Qlik’ feeling with Bitmetric, and the seven-minute walk to the office was an added plus.”

Welcome aboard Tom, we’re very happy to have you join the team!

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