20 February 2024

The Mail & Deploy Release 3.4 has arrived!

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Supercharge your Qlik reporting with seamless integrations like Snowflake and Google Shared Drive. This Mail & Deploy release packs powerful features, from AnyChart visualizations to Box collaboration, streamlining your reporting processes.

This release includes:

With Mail & Deploy’s new Snowflake integration, accessing and analyzing your data is now seamless. No more complex extractions processes – your data is directly available in Mail & Deploy for reports based on the latest information.

With Mail & Deploy’s integration, harness the strength of Google Shared Drives directly in Mail & Deploy. Easily store, manage, and share documents with colleagues, streamlining your Qlik reporting and distribution.

AnyChart provides a variety of chart types, from classic lines to advanced heatmaps, catering to your reporting needs. Integrate these visualizations seamlessly into your reports with Mail & Deploy for a meaningful and engaging data presentation.

Bid farewel to manuel file transfers and large email attachments. Now, effortlessly generate and distrubute reports with Mail & Deploy to chosen recipients via Box, streamlining collaboration and ensuring secure file management.

And that’s not all! Explore BigQuery Data Source, Excel Sync, and more in this new Mail & Deploy Release.

These updates enhance your Qlik data processing and Qlik workflow automation.

Check out the Release Notes and documentation.

Interested in seeing how Mail & Deploy works, contact us for a 30 day free trial.

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