31 August 2023

Medux’s Data Success Story with Bitmetric at the Big Data Expo

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Medux Success Story with Bitmetric at the Big Data Expo

This year, Bitmetric is thrilled to participate in the Big Data Expo as an exhibitor, and we’ll be featuring one of our clients on stage. Medux integrated people, processes, and technologies within their organization to achieve analytical success. Attend Rob van Vliet’s insightful presentation at the Big Data Expo to learn how they optimize the value of their data and to receive inspiration for your own data-driven journey.

We at Bitmetric are honored to showcase Medux’s amazing data journey at the Big Data Expo in Utrecht. The well-known brand names of Medux, a top supplier of medical equipment, include Atlas Kidtech, HartingBank, Medipoint, MHG, and Orthototaal. The successes of Medux have been strategically achieved by combining data-driven decision-making with cutting-edge technology. Bitmetric have the privilege of collaborating closely with Medux on their data-driven project. We offer specialized Business Intelligence (BI) advice based on in-depth data analysis expertise.

Medux adopted Qlik, TimeXtender, and Microsoft Azure as a result of their ongoing investment in enhancing their data analytics capabilities.

Analytical Tools implemented by Bitmetric at Medux that will be showcased at the Big Data Expo:


TimeXtender created a strong data base for Medux. They have access to numerous, consolidated data sources, which enabled them to make informed choices. The integrated data warehouse made sure that all reporting and analyses used the same data lingo, preventing any inconsistencies in business logic. The solid data foundation provided access to data, enabling integrated processes and reducing queries on production systems. System outages and service interruptions declined. The strategy implemented by Bitmetric made it possible for Medux to expand its data sources and enhance its analytics by ensuring future scalability and transferability.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense improved Medux’s data transformation in many ways. Enhanced dashboards improved data presentation from static lists to captivating visual formats, making information easier to understand. A spike in user engagement and the growth of a regular data analyst community indicated a greater desire for data-driven insights. Business units were empowered differently as they gained data autonomy. They improved operational agility by making data-driven decisions quickly with ad-hoc report generation. Medux launched targeted data literacy training to improve employees’ data fluency and encourage data exploration across the company. Medux’s strategic roadmap implemented by Bitmetric includes seamless Qlik Sense integration. Datathons, a group problem-solving platform, will lead this effort by addressing business cases using Qlik insights to drive development and innovation.

Microsoft Azure

Medux’s data storage, processing, and analysis have increased to an unprecedented level due to their strategic integration of Microsoft Azure into their technology ecosystem. This allows them to combine data at any scale and gain insights from analytical dashboards and operational reports. After automating data movement with Azure Data Factory, loading data into Azure Data Lake Storage, transforming data with Azure Databricks, and providing analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics, Bitmetric modernized their cloud data warehouse to achieve unmatched performance and scalability.

Explore the world of transformative data dynamics! At the Big Data Expo, join Rob Van Vliet from Medux to hear about the remarkable evolution of Medux’s data-driven journey. Discover how Bitmetric expertly orchestrated the seamless integration of Qlik, TimeXtender, and Azure, transforming Medux’s data landscape. Learn firsthand how training sessions on data visualization techniques, data literacy, and other topics resulted in the Medux’s limitless potential for innovation, growth, and client value.

Donโ€™t miss this opportunity to explore the power of data and analytics with Bitmetric, we invite you to join us at the Big Data Expo on September 12 and 13th. The Bitmetric team will be waiting for you at booth 46 to share their expertise, showcase solutions, and show you how to unlock the full potential of your data. Mark your calendar and get ready for an insightful and fun experience!

    Presentation Details

    Location: Lecture Hall 1, Big Data Expo, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

    Time: 12:30 – 13:00 (CET)

    Date: 13 September 2023

    Language: Dutch

    Cost: Free to attend (Registration Mandatory)

    Booth Details

    Location: Booth 46, Big Data Expo, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

    Date: 12 & 13 September 2023

    Cost: Free to attend (Registration Mandatory)

    More about the speaker

    Rob Van Vliet

    Business Intelligence Product Owner at Medux

    Rob entered business consulting after five years in the Marine Corps, using statistics to illustrate his proposals. He was able to better comprehend business functions, refine processes, and reduce costs thanks to structured data. As he transitioned into business intelligence consulting, he embraced the potential of data and assisted companies in making data-driven decisions.

    Rob van Vliet

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