28 April 2023

Bitmetric’s Highlights from QlikWorld 2023

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After a three-year break due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, Qlik has restarted its annual QlikWorld conference in Las Vegas like no other. It was wonderful to see everyone again! Here are a few of our highlights:

The Key Notes & Acquisition of Qlik’s New Partner Talend

Qlik CEO Mike Capone opened QlikWorld 23 by discussing the changing opportunities and difficulties CIOs, data gurus, and business unit leaders face in enterprises of all sizes. Businesses face macroeconomic dynamics in the post-pandemic world of supply chain issues and new digital worker work styles.

The audience was able to understand the why, how, and what of the acquisition of Talend to the Qlik Family. Mike explained that the only thing we can count on is the fact that we live in an uncertain environment. The Russian war, inflation, the shutdown of multiple enterprises, supply chain worries, the energy crisis, and other events all contributed to this apprehension. The only way to overcome this is to make careful use of data, which will give those who make decisions based on data more faith in their choices. Qlik also celebrated its 30th birthday!

The Signing of Angelika Klidas New Book “Data Literacy in Practice

Angelika’s face lights up as she recalls working on their book with Kevin Hanegan. They eventually met in person after 9 months of virtual collaboration. They signed 27 books on the first day for members of the Executive Advisory Board, partners and friends, and all current Qlik Luminaries and Ambassadors. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

Mail and Deploy
Angelika Klidas at QlikWorld
QlikWorld Attendee

Medux Customer Case Presentation

Rob van Vliet from Medux was in the studio at QlikWorld to share their data journey success with Qlik and Bitmetric. Medux made the switch from QlikView to Qlik Sense using Qlik’s AMP program.

By choosing Bitmetric, and, at the same time, working on the development of skills within the team, the organization has managed to take important steps towards working in a more data-driven way.

“Developing a data-driven mindset requires the right partner, the right tools, and the right skills.” – Rob van Vliet, BI Product Owner at Medux

Rob Van Vliet rom Medux at QlikWorld

James Fisher and Josh Good presenting Qlik’s Product Roadmap

James Fisher shared a lot of information with QlikWorld participants on what was accomplished in 2022 and what new features may be expected in 2023. Josh Good demonstrated some amazing stuff in terms of backend data. The Bitmetric team was mostly pleased by the incredible front-end improvements made to Qlik Sense. Like the already released new capabilities of simplified authoring. The insights advisor helps with more advanced analytics such as K-mean clustering. Continued visualization updates, including a new Filter Pane, similar to the List Box from QlikView, that includes a grid layout and provides several new capabilities, including grid mode, search mode (with wildcard option), checkbox mode, compact view, and histogram. Natural language Processing is a fantastic component of the Qlik Sense Dashboard bundle; simply drag it into your dashboard, add a measure, and it will provide contextual information about the data set you are working with.

Josh also showcased some of the upcoming new Auto ML capabilities, such as assessing your organization’s key drivers and securing full integration using Chat GPT.  

John Volanthen, When It All Counts: Saving 13 Lives

People all over the world were watching a possibly deadly cave rescue in Thailand in July of 2018. Hollywood produced the film Thirteen Lives. It tells the story of how 12 boys and their coach were rescued from a flooded cave. They couldn’t get out of the underground water that was holding them. National Geographic also created a documentary about the rescue.

This year’s QlikWorld event featured keynote speaker John Volanthen. He was the first rescue diver to reach the children trapped in the cave after nine days. He was part of a multinational team. John uses the high-stakes rescue to show that hard work and careful preparation lead to success in life. Bitmetric’s own Angelika Klidas and our customer Rob Van Vliet had the opportunity to meet John and received a signed copy of his book.

John Volanthen at QlikWorld with Angelika Klidas

Using the Qlik Academic Program at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Presented by Angelika Klidas

Angelika shared her experiences as a teacher and manager, including how she utilized the Qlik Academic Program with her students. She explained how she helped new team members and clients get started on their data journey and become data literate.

Angelika discussed the data journey that her students go on making use of Qlik Sense as well as questioning data and insights. Furthermore, she discussed how her experience with Corona has impacted both her life as a professor and the lives of her students. After her presentation, she gave away three copies of her book “Data Literacy in Practice” to three lucky attendees.

We are so proud of Angelika, it is a privilege to have her on our team!

Angelika Klidas presenting on Data Literacy at QlikWorld


We were told that the event was carbon neutral. As a result, sustainability appeared to play a significant role in its planning and execution. They accomplished this goal by lowering the amount of paper that was used for signage and handouts, and switching to LED lighting completely. They powered their facility solely with solar energy and eliminated single-use plastics. In addition, Qlik.org has collaborated with the Climate Vault to mitigate the CO2 emissions caused by travel. There was only one location used for all of the sessions.

Angel Monjarás enlightened everyone with the captivating story of C40. C40 is an international organization that brings together the mayors of the most important cities throughout the world in order to combat the effects of climate change. Cities are the root of the climate change problem, but they are also the place to look for solutions. To make cities more sustainable, we need to provide a helping hand, discuss what we have learned, and put in the necessary effort.

Our Famous Data Hungry Bitmetric Rubber Ducky

We came to the conclusion that it would be helpful to have a solution to this problem given that Bitmetric cannot be everywhere at once. On its maiden voyage, the Bitmetric Rubber Duck, also known as your new best data friend, made its way all the way from the Netherlands to Las Vegas.

Barry and Angelika distributed several Bitmetric Rubber Ducks, that will assist you on your data journey. If Rubber Duck still have not helped, the best course of action is to get in contact with Bitmetric, the Qlik experts!

Just click this link if you’d want to learn more about the Bitmetric Rubber Duck.

Bitmetric Rubber Duck, Dalton and Barry at QlikWorld

The Bitmetric team had a fantastic time at QlikWorld in Las Vegas, meeting friends, partners and fellow Qlikkies. They had excellent discussions and learned a lot. We just realized again why Qlik is one of the top data visualization and business intelligence (BI) vendors in the market.

Barry Harmsen and Rob Wunderlich
QlikWorld Attendees
Barry Harmsen
Barry Harmsen, Rob van Vliet and Angelika Klidas

We can’t wait for QlikWorld 2024, until next time!

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