25 October 2023

TimeXtender Gets Outstanding Results!

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In the Data Management Survey 24, conducted by BARC, TimeXtender shines with exceptional performance and features, making it a standout in the data management tool landscape.


leading positions in Data Warehouse Automation


of surveyed users say they would recommend TimeXtender


of surveyed users express satisfaction with TimeXtender.


of surveyed users chose TimeXtender because of its ease of use for technical users


of surveyed users selected TimeXtender due to its high functional fit.


of surveyed users rate TimeXtender‘s usability as excellent or good

BARC conducts the Data Management Survey, a research study that focuses on the data management market.

BARC research is primarily based on a major survey of 1,101 software users and consultants worldwide, and provides a wealth of user feedback on 20 of the leading data management solutions on the market today, including TimeXtender.

TimeXtender achieved consistently good ratings with two top rankings and three leading positions in this year’s Data Management Survey. 

TimeXtender ranked above average in 14 of the 17 KPIs, achieving a maximum rating of 9.6/10 for Ease of Use and a 9.3/10 in the Business Value KPI.

43% of respondents claim to experience no significant problems with TimeXtender. Impressively, TimeXtender did not rank lower than third place in any of the 17 KPI categories.

Data Management Survey 24 presents the reader with well-designed KPI dashboards containing concise information that can be absorbed at a glance. The KPIs all follow these simple rules:

  • Only using measures with a clear good/bad trend as the foundation for KPIs. KPIs may be based on one or more measures from The Data Management Survey.
  • Include only products with samples of at least 20 – 30 (depending on the KPI) for each of the questions that contribute to the KPI. For quantitative data, converting KPIs to a scale of 1 to 10, representing worst to best.
  • Applying a linear min-max transformation, preserving the order of products’ scores and the relative distance between them.

Check out TimeXtender’s results by filling out the form. If you’d like the full rundown, please feel free to contact us.

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