28 February 2023

What’s new in Qlik Sense February 2023

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This blog post provides Qlik Sense business users, analytic creators, and data integrators with a summary of the features and improvements available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. Let’s get started with what’s new in Qlik Sense for February 2023.

Natural Language Insights

Users can display natural language insights and information about selected dimensions and measurements using the Natural Language Insights control. It is part of the Dashboard bundle and uses Insight Advisor to generate insights. Natural Language Insights adjusts verbosity and refreshes as you make app choices. The analyses available are based on the data selected and the classification of fields in the app logical model. It is possible to group insights by analysis type or display them as a bulleted list.

Qlik Sense February 2023 Release: Natural Language Insights

Natural Language Insights might be useful when you want to present a narrative or analytical summary of your data. It can help other visualizations like a sales sheet by condensing important analyses like ranking, correlation, and comparison analyses. It is advantageous to combine Natural Language Insights with another visual that uses the same dimensions and measurements since it adds more context and information. For instance, adding a bar chart with the same dimension and measure to Natural Language Insights can produce a ranking analysis of the data in the bar chart.

Visualizations and dashboards

Developers can now choose fonts for titles, subtitles, and footnotes to alter the visualizations. The General tab lets users alter the font type, size, color, and emphasis. The Chart tab offers more customization options by allowing users to control the styling of rows, scrollbars, and custom headers.

Qlik Sense February 2023 Release: Visualizations and dashboards

Scatter plots can display larger datasets

Users can now choose the number of visible bubbles in scatter plots, with the capacity to display up to 50.000 data points. If the number of visible bubbles surpasses 5.000 points, viewers will be unable to see bubble labels or out-of-bound bubbles.

February 2023 Release: Scatter plots can display larger datasets

New sheet grid and sheet background options

Sheets can now use custom background images and colors, thanks to the latest update. This feature allows you to divide the sheet into sections, add images from your media library, and experiment with other creative options. Users can change the background color using the color picker or an expression.

Qlik Sense February 2023 Release: New sheet grid and sheet background options

Further more, app developers now have more control over object placement and the size of the sheet grid. The new features are intended to be compatible with advanced presentation formats.

Show gradual changes with chart animations

When data is changed, such as when a selection is made, users can switch on or off animations in unpublished apps under app settings to transition gently in a visualization from the old view to the new view.

Qlik Sense Administrators

The QMC (Qlik Management Console) now supports app links. All available apps are shown as links in the Apps overview. Clicking a link launches the app in the hub, but not all apps may be available due to hub security rules. Only the app owner can open unpublished apps, and if you don’t have access rights to an app, you’ll be redirected to the hub and see a message stating that access is denied. There is one limitation: if you try to open an app through a virtual proxy that isn’t the default virtual proxy, the app is still opened through the default proxy.

The Qlik PostgreSQL Installer can be used to install or upgrade Qlik Sense’s bundled PostgreSQL database. This installer can be used to install a new database on PostgreSQL 12.5 or to upgrade an existing bundled database from PostgreSQL 9.6 to PostgreSQL 12.5.

The November 2022 release supports the persisting custom configuration files added for UI upgrades. This support has been extended to silent upgrades.


The February 2023 release focuses on improving Qlik Sense’s front-end capabilities. Showing larger datasets in scatter plots, adding sheet grids, changing the backdrop, and customizing visualization titles, subtitles, and footers are all important aspects of creating an appealing Qlik Sense app that is more aligned with your company brand.

We hope that you’re just as excited about these new features as we are. If you need help upgrading or migrating, then do not hesitate to get in touch!

Until next time!

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