4 training sessions

Qlik Sense Business Analyst € 1200

Duration: 2 days

Data Literacy Qlik

Learn to create your own dashboards and analyses in Qlik Sense. In this two day training, you’ll learn all the basic skills needed to design and develop your own dashboards in Qlik Sense. You’ll learn how to load simple data sets. You’ll also learn how to perform analyses in Qlik Sense. You’ll see how you can use Qlik’s powerful associative model to your advantage as well as how to share your new insights with your colleagues.

Workshop Agile Data & Analytics € 1500

Duration: 2 days

Data Literacy

In this workshop we discuss how to work within Data & Analytics projects. You’ll learn how to link Data & Analytics investments and projects to the strategic objectives of your organization. You’ll also learn how to write a solid business case and how to quantify the value of your projects. In the second half of the training you’ll learn how Data & Analytics projects are different from other types of projects. You’ll learn how to manage risks, implement proper change management and much more!

Data Literacy Basics € 795

Duration: 1 day

Data Literacy

In this introductory workshop we “turn on the lights” and lay the foundation for your Data Literacy journey. You’ll not only learn about the first principles of Data Literacy, but also about the framework that will help you in further discovery of this important topic. Besides theory, we’ll discuss many practical examples, bringing you the good, the bad and the ugly. After this workshop, you’ll have a firm grasp of the Data Literacy basics.

Basics of Data Visualization € 795

Duration: 1 day

Data Literacy

In today’s workplace, the ability to clearly present and communicate data and information has become an increasingly important skill. In this introductory workshop you’ll learn the basic theories of data visualization and visual perception. We’ll not only discuss the theoretical frameworks, but will also share practical tips and tricks that you can immediately apply to your own data. After this workshop you’ll be able to confidently present and communicate your data and insights.

Tailor-Made Training

Together we can develop trainings customized to your organization’s wishes. This will enable you to maintain, enhance and deepen your team’s knowledge and skills in a way that best fits your constraints and goals. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

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