7 November 2022

Get your lights on! Data Literacy webinar with Angelika Klidas

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Learn how to enable your business to make data-informed decisions!

Get your lights on data literacy webinar

What is data literacy?

Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyze and communicate with data. It’s a skill that empowers all levels of workers to ask the right questions about data and machines, build knowledge, make decisions, and communicate meaning to others. Our data literacy webinar can help you achieve this.

Data-Informed Decision Making is the new business language. It is also critical that we achieve company-wide fluency and that everyone in your firm embraces Data Literacy! As a result, everyone is empowered to use Data and the resulting Insights for Data-Informed Decision Making.

Why is data literacy important for your business and how can this webinar help you?

IDC, the global provider of market intelligence, forecasts a ten-fold increase in worldwide data by 2025. Increasingly, data-driven organizations will produce data-literate employees that contribute more to their roles and help businesses sharpen their competitive edge in an aggressive global economy.

It’s a strategy that can transform your business while building loyalty with a workforce that’s energized and empowered by your investment in their professional development.

When people use the correct insights, enhance productivity, and provide more corporate value, this is where Data Literacy kicks in. We will help you comprehend that everyone utilizes data and makes data-informed decisions in their everyday lives, so why shouldn’t we in our business environment? We will explore the necessary abilities such as reading, writing, analyzing, and thinking with data so that every employee can discover the correct insights that enhance productivity and provide more corporate value!

Get your lights on!

Want to learn how to make data-informed decisions? We are hosting a free data literacy webinar on November 24th online.


We have an informative webinar planned, where you’ll learn the importance of data literacy. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Data in your everyday life
  • Skills you need to be data literate
  • Data Literacy real-life examples
  • How to use a data literacy framework

Webinar details

Location: Teams Meeting (Registration is Mandatory to attend)

Time: 16:00 – 16:45 (CET)

Date: 24 November 2022

Language: English

Cost: Free to attend

More about the speaker

Angelika Klidas

Operations Manager & Data Literacy Ambassador at Bitmetric and author of the book Data Literacy in Practice

Angelika is a highly skilled denizen of the Data world. As an operations manager, strategic advisor and Data Literacy evangelist, she is able to analyze BI & Analytics environments expertly, map the ambitions of organizations and deliver cutting-edge advice to help organizations mature their data use. Her passion is inspiring organizations and people to grow in Business Intelligence & Analytics maturity. In addition to teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, she spreads her knowledge and passion to her Data & Analytics students.

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