18 January 2023

Data Literacy Basics with Angelika Klidas

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Get a firm grasp on Data Literacy

Data Literacy Basics course with Angelika Klidas, co-author of Data Literacy in Practice.

In this introductory workshop we “turn on the lights” and lay the foundation for your Data Literacy journey. You’ll not only learn about the first principles of Data Literacy, but also about the framework that will help you in further discovery of this important topic. Besides theory, we’ll discuss many practical examples, bringing you the good, the bad and the ugly. After this workshop, you’ll have a firm grasp of the Data Literacy basics.

What others thought:

“This was an afternoon well spent. I learned a lot and have a clear understanding where I want my data journey to go next.”

Attendee, October 2022

“Really engaging training. Angelika knows her stuff and kept us involved with thought-provoking questions and exercises.”

Attendee, March 2022

“The content and pace of the training where well-paced and fun. The supplementary worknotes and provided video recording were great take-aways for later review.”

Attendee, December 2021

Course information

4 hours
March 8, 2023
15.00 CET
245 Euro excl. VAT
All audiences
All levels

Payment via credit card.
If you want to arrange payment via bank transfer then please contact us.


Angelika Klidas

Operations Manager & Data Literacy Ambassador at Bitmetric and author of the book Data Literacy in Practice

Angelika Klidas

Angelika is a denizen of the Data world. As an operations manager, strategic advisor and Data Literacy evangelist, she is able to analyze BI & Analytics environments expertly, map the ambitions of organizations and deliver cutting-edge advice to help organizations mature their data use. Her passion is inspiring organizations and people to grow in Business Intelligence & Analytics maturity. In addition to teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, she spreads her knowledge and passion to her Data & Analytics students.

Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, create, and communicate data as information. Are you making the best out of your data?

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